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[Full-Time Position] Executive, Digital Sales and Program Management

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Executive, Digital Sales and Program Management

By Textile & Fashion Industry Training Centre (TaF.tc)


Are you interested in fashion?

Do you find great satisfaction in helping individuals find the right programme in order to help them achieve their goals?

 Do you thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic working environment?

Interested? Why not consider a career with TaF.tc?



Broad Function

The position of Executive, Digital Sales and Program Management, is responsible for marketing and selling TaF.tc courses.

Job Responsibilities


  • Meet assigned objectives and targets at the individual and overall team sales level
  • Propose, plan, and implement creative marketable solutions, while formulating integrated sales and marketing strategies to achieve sales objective and goals
  • Bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and TaF.tc programme/services that can fulfil their needs
  • Create a long-lasting impact on the customer relationship - such that it will lead to repeat sales, referrals and increase TaF.tc's reputation through word-of-mouth channels
  • Track CRM software for leads, follow-up on the leads, course applications, process enrollments and payments via phone, email and social media platforms
  • Reviewing of programmes for its popularity (to recommend re-run for popular courses and action plan for less popular courses)
  • Recording, tracking and reporting of monthly sales (tracking chart, number of headcounts)

 External Collaborations

  • Building relationships with local/overseas customers, and liaise with associate partners or referral clients


  • Updating course schedule and intake information

CRM Database

  • Nurture, and manage good customer relationship with leads
  • Update new leads in the CRM Database (phone calls, emails, chatboards)
  • Record conversation transcripts in the CRM Database
  • Enable Targeted Marketing by assigning tags to leads in the CRM Database
  • Design re-engagement sequences for leads and CRM campaign to do auto-emails with Marketing team in order to constantly add value

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree
  • Prior experience in Sales and Marketing preferred, but not necessary

Key Competencies

  • Motivation for sales, Prospecting and Closing skills
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Microsoft Office proficiency and Basic IT skills
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